About Newlife

If you’ve ever thought about cosmetic surgery but were put off by the pain, expenses and lengthy recovery time , New-Life is the solution. New- life with B.E.A.M technology is a non-invasive treatment for muscle tightening and lifting with no recovery time. You can obtain great looking results from first treatment.

How does New-Life work?

New-Life uses innovative B.E.A.M technology to stimulate and activate muscles. B.E.A.M imitates your body’s natural pulses which causes the contraction of the muscles. The contracted muscles folds into itself becoming smaller, stronger and more defined. By stimulating muscle activation, you increase blood circulation, improve metabolism and tone exactly as you desire.

Does it hurt?

The patient undergoing New-Life treatment feels like a refreshing massage. You‘ll feel like you‘ve had an intense workout at the gym without pain or sweat. The muscles in the face and body became immediately stronger and the skin is noticeably tighter. A typical treatment last 30-60 minutes. New-Life treatment activate a different muscle group to give your body a complete workout. A series of 6-12 sessions is recommended for lasting results.3 treatments a week will give you a younger and healthier look in less than 4 weeks.