Laser Hair Removal

About Laser Hair Removal

We are all entitled to feel happy and confident in the body we’re in but it’s not always so simple, whether you're suffering from Excessive Hair Growth (Hirsutism) or simply don't have time to shave everyday so find yourself covering up, your hair growth should not impact your life. Charme Polyclinic has very good Laser Hair Removal Experience and our fully trained professional have performed well, making us one of the most trusted providers of Laser Hair Removal.

Why Choose Charme Polyclinic

  • We offer the highest standard treatment and service at competitive prices
  • We treat every millimetre of the area using a grid system, this means we treat the hairs you cannot see
  • We are safer because we always check the active melanin in your skin using a specifically designed technology, this ensures you are treated on the correct setting to maximise safety and results
  • We have exclusive rights to treat blond, grey and fine hair
  • We are medically led with all consultations conducted by a fully trained registered nurse