Abdominal Ultrasound scan

What is an abdominal ultrasound scan?
An abdominal ultrasound is a scan that uses high-frequency sound waves to visualize the organs in your abdomen.

Are there any risks associated with an abdominal ultrasound scan?
It is a safe procedure that does not involve radiation exposure.

How to prepare for the scan?
Do not eat for 6 hours before the scan. You may drink fluids but do not drink milk or any drinks that contain milk.

Who will carry out the examination?
The scan will be carried out by our gastroenterologist at Charme Day Surgery Center, who has expertise in abdominal ultrasound scans.

What happens during the scan? You will be asked to lie on your back with your abdomen exposed. The doctor will apply Ultrasound gel on the probe, which is then moved over your belly. An image will then appear on the screen attached to the ultrasound machine, and a series of images will be taken. The doctor may ask you to hold your breath and turn to your side.
The scan usually takes 10-15 minutes.

What happens after the examination?
Once the examination is over, you may eat and drink as normal.

How will you get your results?
After completing the scan, your gastroenterologist will discuss the results at Charme Day Surgery Center.


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