About Us

Who we are

We are a leading clinic in Dubai that deals with procedures related to Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Dentistry. Our team of expert surgeons are here to assure you that you are in safe hands and that you leave us feeling different and new. Our high quality services will confirm that you have made the choice to go ahead with your treatment.

Charme Polyclinic offers a very wide range of dermatological and cosmetic procedures. Our qualified dermatologists will find the suitable procedure which fits your skin needs and requirments. Charme Polyclinic’s dental team offers a wide range of treatments, starting from small corrections to complete smile makeovers and dental implant reconstruction, so you can have the confidence in your smile that you deserve.

A Solution for Every Concern

Charme Polyclinic is dedicated to providing personalized treatments for its patients.
We are specialized in Dentistry and Dental Lab, Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, Dermatology, Laser Slimming, Non-Invasive Procedures for Body and Face.
At Charme Polyclinic we are committed to offering a relaxing atmosphere. Our caring team aims to give all patients a pleasant and happy experience.
Located in one of the most prestigious areas in the UAE, Jumeirah 3, Al-Wasl Road. Charme polyclinic is a leading provider of high quality dental lab. Charme Polyclinic offers a very wide range of dermatological and cosmetic procedures.


To consistently deliver healthcare services that are complying with Quality and Safety standards by achieving excellence in clinical expertise and premium level of day surgery service.


To become the most recognized and efficient Day Surgery Center in delivering the safest and highest quality of healthcare services in GCC countries.


- Respect everyone
- Excellence in quality of provided services
- Excellence in patient satisfaction
- Teamwork
- A continuously learning organization
- Safe healthcare delivery