Breast Enlargement

In relation to breast augmentation this is the second place in all plastic surgeries performed worldwide in the year 2009, through the placement of breast implants, we are able to increase the volume and change the shape of their breasts, improving the patient’s image and regaining self- confidence.

Important to know about the implants:
• They do not increase the incidence of breast cancer compared to the general population.
• Do not interfere with early detection studies such as self-examination, ultrasound and mammography.
• They do not alter the sensibility at the level of the nipples because they do not compromise the nerves that give sensitivity to this zone.
• They do not interfere with the possibility of breastfeeding, since virtually all lactating ducts are maintained intact, thus ensuring the quantity and quality of milk generated by the breast.
• It is not true that they must be changed every few years, this is a false belief, because if they do not present any complications or discomfort they can remain indefinitely in place.
At present, we have state-of-the-art implants of both saline solution and highly cohesive silicone gel, round or anatomical (drop), smooth or textured surfaces. In relation to implants’ volume, Dr. Rosales always base on the desire of the patient and physical characteristics to balance with the rest of the body, which will be calculated using sizers/testers during the preoperative check up in the clinic with the patient.

In relation to the different brands you should know that dr. Rosales exclusively uses the best in breast implants (mcghan and mentor), which are world-leading brands for their high quality and state-of-the-art technology, being the only ones approved for complying with the fda’s demanding regulations for use in the states. Together, we provide the patient with a written certificate of guarantee for a lifetime, so take care and do not expose your body to risks. Remember that paying less for a breast augmentation means only that they are using low quality implants. Never forget to check that first-time implants are being used.



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