Breast Lift

It is known under this name the mammary surgery with a purpose to restore the lost position of the breasts, being able to perform as a single procedure or in combination with the placement of implants to give them greater volume, characteristics that were lost due to some factors (pregnancy, Lactation, etc.) and the force of gravity that over the years wreak havoc on the woman’s breasts.
It is important to remember that breast lift is a surgical procedure that allows obtaining excellent results for at least a while, as no surgery can offer a permanent result due to the force of gravity and the natural process of aging of the tissues.
When it comes to a mastopexy (lifting) we must know that there are different techniques which vary depending on how much the patient’s bust have fallen. Normally the incisions can go from around the entire areola, a vertical cut from the areola then lastly, horizontal at the level of mammary groove, also known as inverted “T”.
It is important that the patient know that in all cases of breast surgery, regardless of the type, a drainage is left through a punctate wound which will be removed later.

Hospitalization time
The patient is usually kept for 24 hours in the hospital, and although it could be treated as a short-stay surgery, it is preferable to keep her hospitalized until the next day. This allow for a greater immediate postoperative vigilance and better pain management which is controlled by an external infusion pump connected directly to the epidural catheter that was placed in its column before the surgery, through which special drugs are administered in a continuous form for the patient’s comfort. This then, will be removed the next day before the patient leave the hospital.

Postoperative Care
The person should plan to stay at home by keeping relative rest, take the prescribed drugs as directed, eat normally according to tolerance and drink plenty of fluids.
You must perform daily care on operative wounds, maintain proper dressing and drainage care. In cases where an implant is placed, avoid movements and exert force with the arms for at least the first few weeks, likewise it is suggested not to expose yourself to the sun for about 8 weeks.

Recovery and time
This period implies that the patient have to wear a special medical bra for 8 weeks and must maintain a bandage that will keep her breasts covered, which is removed between the 4th and 5th day after the surgery along with the drainage. In addition, because of the potential inflammation of this procedure the patient is subjected to ultrasound and post-operative lymphatic drainage therapies.
Absorbable sutures are generally used for these procedures, thus avoiding the patient’s discomfort from removing. The average recovery time is approximately 10 days, returning the patient to her daily activities one week after the procedure as long as it does not require physical exertion.

Risks and complications are very rare, but there is always a possibility that these occur. Comparing with different techniques, complication is more likely to occur when placing a breast prosthesis which is a foreign material, because of the possibility for body rejection.



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