Computer Controlled Anesthesia

The Pain-Free Injection
A lot of people are afraid of needles and shots – over 50% of patients fear anesthetic syringes, fear them so much, in fact, that that this fear keeps them from the dentist. Others hate the idea of getting a shot so extremely, they try to talk us out of numbing them before procedures. We have a better solution – computer controlled anesthesia.
With this local anesthetic injection system, Novocain is activated and precision metered for consistent administration. And that means virtually painless injections!

How the Computer Controlled Anesthesia Works
One of the primary reasons injections are painful is not because of the needle, it is because of the liquid being forced into the tissues. This is not the case with computer controlled anesthesia. This anesthesia-delivery system offers one of the slowest, steadiest, most comfortable injections a patient can experience. The applicator looks like a pen, and is not only able to be positioned more accurately, but it also controls the rate of flow of the anesthesia. This slower, controlled method of delivery minimizes the sensation caused by the anesthesia entering the tissue. It really is a pain-free anesthetic delivery system.
Plus, if you are having a single tooth worked on, we can limit the numbness you experience to that particular tooth with the computer precision.
Not only are our own patients amazed at how much easier it is to get numb with the Wand, it has been extensively tested by over 300 dentists on over 5,000 patients across the country.

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