Dental Implants

Implantology is the branch in dentistry, which deals with diagnosis and treatment of missing teeth. It is dedicated to dental implants, which are permanent solutions to the patients offering a more natural state and appearance.
Dental implants are structures made up of titanium that are placed on the tooth extracted site or missing tooth. It can be placed on both the maxilla (upper jaw) and the mandible (lower jaw) as a substitute to the root of the tooth. The restoration procedure can involve a replacement of a missing tooth to a partial or full replacement of the entire upper or lower teeth.
Dental implants have become a preferred tooth replacement option as it provides great benefits for people with missing teeth.

Advantages of Implantology:
• Maintenance of the bone structure
• Facial and aesthetic appeal
• Prevent progressive bone atrophy and shrinkage
• Restores normal function and appearance
• No compromise to the adjacent teeth thus maintains integrity
• Ensure better self-esteem and improve quality of life
Replacement of missing teeth is much more than having a pretty smile. Dental implants can help people to enjoy an enhanced appearance and higher level of comfort. Therefore, Implantology has become a better alternative dental solution for tooth loss.



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