What should I take into account if I will to operate?

The patient must have a clear and real expectation about the surgery and that no surgery is able to reach perfection.  There are small details that only the patient and dr. Rosales as your surgeon will know and will realize, and other people will not notice. However, the aim is to get the best results the patients wants to have and to satisfy their happiness. Also, to inform the patients about risks and what they should expect immediately after the surgery with regards to the discomforts and pain they may feel.

Can I smoke before and after surgery?

Smoking increases risks before, during and after the surgery. As a result of vasoconstriction it directly affects the healing process of the wounds, which drastically increases the risk of skin necrosis, therefore it is strongly recommended to stop smoking 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the surgery, to prevent any risk related to it.

Can several surgeries be performed at the same time?

Yes, in fact, procedures are generally performed in combination, provided that the conditions and health of the patient allows us to do so and where we do not increase the risks of the same. In these cases we try to shorten the surgical hours to the maximum as possible without compromising the result and ensure the minimum bleeding during the intervention.

In which procedures is general anesthesia used?

Usually, general anesthesia is used only for rhinoplasty, or to those patients that presents exceptional form of condition and the rest of the procedures are handled depending on the case either local anesthesia plus sedation or regional anesthesia (Peridural block), all carried out by a sub-specialist anesthesiologist, who will keep under supervision and monitoring of the patient before, during and after the surgery.

Immediately after the surgery can I walk or should I stay completely in bed?

After the surgery, the patient is kept in the recovery room until he recovers from anesthesia and move to a private room. The patient should make an effort to get out of the bed and walk a little as soon as possible. Although we suggests to the patients to rest at least 1 week, it doesn’t mean that they have to stay in bed the whole time.

Nowadays, recovery of plastic and reconstructive surgery is not as painful and difficult as before because medicine has developed the most advance analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs to help in the recovery of the patients. After the surgery, patients are prescribed with these take home medications to accelerate their recovery process and prevent unnecessary infections, as well as for them to go back to their normal activities as soon as possible.

How can I heal wounds? What should I do and for how long?

The patient is recommended to bathe every day from head to toe, to wash the wounds with enough water and soap then to dry them well and to apply topical antibiotics that was instructed to him in the consultation, in order to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms and prevent infections. Last, depending on the case they may need to cover them again with the bandage or with compression garment. This wound care should be done daily up to the 2nd or 3rd week after the crusts have fallen.

There are scars left after a plastic surgery.

All surgeries, whether aesthetic or reconstructive, involves formation of the scar, varying its size, shape and location in relation to the procedure performed in each case. However, surgical techniques in plastic surgery are well taken cared of, leaving the least visible scar as possible and with an excellent aesthetic result, in such a way that they go unnoticed.

What brands of breast implants do you recommend?

In relation to implants, only brands that are approved by FDA are recommendable. As for my patients, I exclusively uses the best in breast implants (mcghan and mentor), which are world-leading brands for their high quality and state-of-the-art technology, being the only ones approved for complying with the FDA’s demanding regulations for use. Together with the implant, patients are provided with a written certificate of guarantee for a lifetime. So take care and do not expose your body to risks, remember that paying less for a breast augmentation means only that they are using low quality implants. Never forget to check that first-time and high quality implants are being used.

Will breast augmentation (implants) affect the sensitivity and breastfeeding of future children?

The placement of implants does not affect the sensibility of the nipples because they do not compromise the nerves that give sensitivity to this zone, and likewise does not interfere in the possibility of lactation, since all the ducts galactóforos maintained intact thus the quantity and quality of milk generated by the breast remain the same.

Should I change my breast implants every 10 years?

This is a false belief living in the mind of many people. The truth is if the implants do not present any complications or discomfort they can remain perfectly in place for an indefinite time.

How long will it take to see the definitive results of any plastic surgery?

From the first day, the changes will be noticed and later as the edema begins to subside, week after week patients see more important changes that will fill you with much satisfaction, however the patient should wait about 6 months to see the definitive result once residual inflammation at tissue level has been completely removed.

Is plastic surgery enough to always keep my figure?

In relation to this, the patient must know that surgery is only a necessary part of achieving such results, but should include changes in lifestyle, perform an exercise routine and follow a balanced diet, in order to preserve the results for many years after surgery.

Will people notice that I have had surgery?

Only very close people will notice you, like a direct family, close friends and study or work buddies, that is to say those people who are part of your daily life circle, while others will see that you look better or that you look very good with juvenile appearance, good figure, but not knowing why and thanks to the results of the intervention that are as natural as possible.

How long can I travel back home?

In the case of foreign patients they are advised to remain after surgery for at least 10 to 14 days, and if the patient wishes, we have specialized medical reference centers in which offers lodging and also  provide the necessary care for an adequate recovery. This allows us to send them to their places of origin in a good condition, without drainage or sutures.

What if I need to see a doctor in my city or country?

Usually after the first few days of recovery it is very rare for any complications to occur and if they appear they are minor, if such situation occurs we advise you to consult your primary care physician close to your home with which we will communicate and maintain direct contact. In this case, we can  jointly indicate the appropriate treatment, solving the problem and therefore will not require you to travel urgently to us again.

How long after pregnancy can surgery be performed?

It is prudent to wait at least 6 months or after finishing breastfeeding in order to schedule a cosmetic surgery.

Do you recommend injecting certain substances into my glutes to increase their size?

It is definitely not recommended to inject foreign substances in our buttocks or any part of our body aside from hyaluronic acid which is usually used to fill certain parts of our face. It was widely common until today that there are some “professionals” who claims injecting collagen to increase the size of the buttocks wherein fact are substances such as (liquid silicone, biopolymers, oils, paraffin, methyl methacrylate, among others) that do not have permits or health records to be used for this purpose and is very unsafe. The time of onset of the disasters and complications produced by these substances varies from few hours after injection to even after 20 years of being injected, and the complications may vary from local alterations (pain, erythema, pigmentation, edema, fibrosis, keloids, fever, generalized pain, arthralgia, decay, general malaise, hair loss, depression, etc., It makes the vast majority of such procedures unfortunately dissatisfaction on the part of patients and sometimes even death.

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