Advances in the technology of bonding porcelain to enamel created the possibility of porcelain veneers as an alternative to the use of full crowns for the treatment of many clinical conditions, Veneers were considered to be a more conservative treatment approach. Although this may be technically true, in actuality, the trend in conventional veneer procedures is to use very aggressive tooth reduction similar to that of three-quarter crown preparations.

Fortunately, a truly conservative approach to veneers with many substantial advantages has been developed: LUMINEERS.

Why Select Lumineers for your Smile Makeover?

Your smile may look pretty good, but you want even better. You want your favorite celebrity smile. A LUMINEERS dentist will evaluate your smile and desires and will help you achieve the look you want with no pain, shots, drilling or removal of sensitive tooth structure. Furthermore, it is a tremendous advantage to avoid the great psychological reluctance to having one’s teeth substantially cut down. It is very comforting for the patient to know that their natural teeth remain intact.

Although not likely, patients could go back to their original dentition because the no prep technique is reversible. Alternatively, after a tooth is prepared, it is irreversible.

Is Lumineers right for me?

Little or no preparation of the teeth:

-In many cases, there is literally no preparation of the teeth, The no prep technique was made possible by advances in custom-designed bonding systems and in porcelain technology that allow exceptionally thin veneers because of new exceptionally high strength porcelain. The lumineers can be made with thicknesses in the range of 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm or “contact lens-thin”. The lumineers can be simply bonded to the surfaces of the teeth with an excellent cosmetic result and with no problem of awareness of thickness by the patient.

Furthermore, there is no problem with the emergence profile. Finishing and contouring in the gingival region can be easily accomplished when the bonding system is integrated to the porcelain.

No need for local anaesthetic injections and no need for temporary restorations:

-This greatly simplifies and expedites the clinical procedure for the treating dentist and accomplishes the generally desirable goal of preserving natural tooth structure. From the patients perspective, the absence of “shots and drilling” makes the procedure much more pleasant, and removes a large barrier for individuals with phobias for dental treatment.



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