P.S-injection for treating Erectile Dysfunction

A new procedure to treat and improve sexual performance and Erectile dysfunction for men, by using PRP (plasma reach platelets).
How does the P -injection work?
It is injecting the one’s own plasma enriched PRP into specific areas of the penis to regenerate the penile tissue.

Who is a Candidate for P -injection?
Any man who wants to improve his sexual function pleasure.
Especially for men have:
Prostate Cancer
Peroni disease 

What is the benefit of P -injection?
• Improve size
• Strong penis
• Straighten the penis
• Increase circulation within the penis
• Have harder erections
• Increase sensation and pleasure
• Correct nerve damage from diabetes patient
• Increase size if you want
• No allergic
• No side-effects
• Resolution of penile pain with erection

Where is the injection put?
• We inject the PRP into the corpus cavernosum in both side a small needle, and into the head of the penis.

Is there any complication from P -injection with?
No complications from this procedure.

For more information about this procedure you can discuss with your doctor.



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