Dr. Javier Rosales is focused on developing a real vision of what Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is and from now on, you will undoubtedly broaden your perspective in relation to this specialty. The objective is to discuss and know your concerns, doubts and most important to offer the best treatment option based on your individual characteristics and needs. 

Dr.Javier Enrique Rosales Rubio is a plastic surgeon who graduated from the University of Zulia (LUZ), Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine, Maracaibo, Edo. Zulia, Venezuela from October 1994 to December 2001. In the following year 2002, He started the postgraduate course in General Surgery in Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Faculty of Medicine, Hospital ¨Dr. Domingo Luciani¨, Caracas, Venezuela until 2005 to qualify in 2006 as Specialist in General Surgery and went to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to study the Sub-specialty at the University of Guadalajara (UDG), University Center of Health Sciences (CUCS), Jalisco Institute of Surgery  Reconstructive ¨Dr. José Guerrerosantos. Then from March of 2006 until February of 2009 graduated as Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Since 2014, He has been living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, being the Medical Director of Charme Day surgery center on hand with the professional practice of plastic surgery, a long history of performed surgeries, including both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Experiences that has allowed him not only to gain knowledge, but also develop skills and abilities both in non-surgical and surgical practice.

Dr. Qasim Jamil – a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK – is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon since 2005, and has been in the UAE since 2014. Dr. Jamil sub specialized in laser aesthetics surgery, he is also an international lecturer and doctor trainer. Over 100k patient experience treated under his care or supervision. Dr. Jamil also has multiple international awards and nominations for medical performance.

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Upper Eyelid

1- Upper Eyelid

It is known as eyelid lifting and according to the statistics of year 2009, this is the 3rd most common procedure in plastic surgery in the world.

2 - Nose Reshaping

It is the 4th most common procedure in plastic surgery according to the statistics of year 2009 worldwide. It consists of improving the aesthetic appearance of the nose, while keeping the balance and proportion of the face, according to race and gender.

3 - Eye Brows Lifting

It is technically known as pexia eyebrows, and it is the procedure that consists of bringing them to their ideal position when they fall. In men, it is usually located at the level of the orbital rim, while in women, it is located approximately 1 cm above the bone.

4 - Face Lift

It is known under this term the procedure to remove the excess skin from the face and to correct the facial angles that may be altered by the effects of gravity and the process of natural aging, which cause the tissues to relax creating an excess lax skin, accentuating the folds of the face and losing the angles of facial expression, and whose aim is to give freshness to the person and look about 10 years younger.

5 - Cervicoplasty

The neck area is a popular concern for both men and women. Individuals of all ages complain about the “jowl” or “hanging skin” at that level, and for that reason medicine have developed a set of aesthetic techniques with a purpose to improve the angle formed by the mandible and the neck (cervico-mandibular angle), thus contributing to achieve a harmonious and youthful appearance.

6 - Ears Reshaping

Also called ear surgery, is the procedure that allows correcting not only the size but also the shape of the same, with the purpose of transforming it into an anatomically proportioned, symmetrical ear with a very natural appearance and profile.

7 - Cheek Fat Removal

Technically known as bichectomy, and whose objective is the thinning of the face by reducing the volume of the cheeks due to the excessive accumulation of fat in them, allowing the patient to achieve greater projection at the level of the cheekbones, to look a fresh face, with features much more fine and very natural.

8 - Liposuction

Currently liposuction has been established as the biggest revolution in plastic surgery, being the most performed surgical procedure in this specialty worldwide in the year 2009, where a suction mechanism removes excess fat which has accumulated under the skin in almost any part of the body, and do not improve with diet or exercise.

9 - Breast Enlargement

In relation to breast augmentation this is the second place in all plastic surgeries performed worldwide in the year 2009, through the placement of breast implants, we are able to increase the volume and change the shape of their breasts, improving the patient’s image and regaining self- confidence.

10 - Breast Lift

It is known under this name the mammary surgery with a purpose to restore the lost position of the breasts, being able to perform as a single procedure or in combination with the placement of implants to give them greater volume, characteristics that were lost due to some factors (pregnancy, Lactation, etc.) and the force of gravity that over the years wreak havoc on the woman’s breasts.

11 - Breast Reduction

This surgery consists of extracting volume of the breasts by removing fat, glandular tissue and skin, making them smaller, lighter and firmer, and may also reduce the size of the areola if necessary.

12 - Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is represented the 5th most frequent procedure in plastic surgery worldwide in the year 2009, also known as dermolipectomy.

13 - Buttock Lift

The gluteal surgery is becoming one of the most demanded interventions currently in plastic surgery, which depending on the degree of hypoplasia (low development) and ptosis (fall) of the same is offered to the patient with different procedures to remodel them and where they include: injection of fat or the placement of implants, being able to even combine and apply both techniques in the same patient.

14 - Arm Lift

This is known as the surgical technique aimed at improving the appearance of the arms, where by resection of the excess dermograso tissue at that level, it is possible that the patient can show stylized and harmonic arms with his body, and mostly majority of the cases, to obtain such results is combined with liposuction.

15 - Enlarged Breast in Men

The gynecomastia is known as the abnormal growth of one or both mammary glands in the male, accompanied by an increase of fatty deposits at that level, which is impossible to correct with exercise or diet, being the only therapeutic option indicated is the surgery and whose main objective is to create a natural breast and especially, very masculine.

16 - Chest Implant (Men)

Today our specialty is no longer exclusive for women, since modern man is also after the search of the balance of his body, where thanks to the evolution of mankind has managed to end a series of taboos about masculinity in relation to such procedures.

17 - Thighs Lift

It is known by this term the surgical technique aimed at improving the appearance of thighs by removing excess dermograso tissue from the inner face of the thighs, which can lead to both aesthetic and functional alterations (walking discomfort, skin irritation , excessive sweating, etc.), achieving through surgery eliminates all these problems, recreating firm thighs, without skin laxity and well formed, making them very attractive.



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